The Row Britannia Physical Team Challenge was created as an event for students and young people to fundraise, create wider engagement and raise positive awareness of Mental Health, Fitness and Wellbeing.

It was designed to reduce isolation, engender team-spirit and deliver a platform for a whole University, College and Community approach to Mental Health.


Through Row Britannia, we intend to champion Adaptive Rowing throughout the UK and hope that everyone taking part will continue to row post-Sport Relief.

British Rowing’s partnership with Row Britannia

“British Rowing is delighted to be partnering with Row Britannia’s inspiring initiative for students and young people. Mental Health affects us all and we will invite our British Rowing Clubs and Members to register for Row Britannia and encourage them to link in with their local university and college to support their Row Britannia teams.

I am delighted that this is an inclusive event and will be promoting Adaptive Rowing. This is all about raising vital funds and positive awareness of mental health; I know our athletes and retired Olympic and Paralympic Champions acknowledge and appreciate how difficult it can be for students and young people and are fully supportive of this fantastic challenge”.


Helen Rowbotham

Director of Innovation, British Rowing & Director, Love Rowing


We are delighted to be partnering with British Rowing and this page will provide more information on their Go Row Indoor initiative.  You will also be able to read about rowing technique and stay in touch with British Rowing through their Newsletter;

Find out more here:


Anyone can do it

Suitable for all ages (11+), abilities, body types and fitness levels.

Total Body Workout

A fantastic cardiovascular workout. Every stroke uses 85% of your muscles covering nine major muscle groups.

Core Strength & Flexibility

The rowing movement is great for core strength and flexibility.

Low Impact

A low impact activity that avoids damage to the joints. You are also in control of the intensity and speed. This makes it perfect for cross training, rehabilitation and good for those who are new to exercise.

Efficient Fat-Burning

Highly efficient fat-burning exercise burning over 300 calories per 30 minutes of rowing.

Easy to Learn

Easy to learn the basics and you can improve every time you try it.

Easy to Access

In your local gym, workplace, rowing club or at home, indoor rowing can be accessed in more places than you might think, and its popularity continues to grow.

Variety & Challenge

Join a rowing class, use an app to record your progress, download a new workout daily, enter a charity challenge, join a club, compete against the best, or just get active and feel great, indoor rowing has it all.

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